Meet Our Team!

Our Movement Experts

Cathy Molinett (she/hers) is originally from Santiago, Chile.  She has been teaching Dance and Fitness for 17 years!  She opened her own Studio in 2012, CMs Fitness and Dance, where she keeps creating a passionate community for wellness.  A place where everyone is welcome and where dance becomes their HAPPY PLACE!

Instagram: Cathy Molinett, website CMSFITNESSLIFE.COM

Kiki (she/her) teaches HipHop Cardio Dance Fitness in North Minneapolis encouraging everyBODY at any age to be fit. With music and dance being her passion she decided to become a Zumba Instructor in 2017.  She is now able to bring her passions together to inspire others and teach classes surrounding the Twin Cities. Her mission is to embrace health & wellness through dance and to create a space where daily acts of self-love and self care are a regular part of everyday life. 

Social Media Handles: Instagram: @iamkikijones

Ani Janzen (she/her) is an accessible yoga teacher, dietitian, and activist in the Twin Cities, MN. She teaches yoga classes and health-related workshops through her nonprofit Radical Health Alliance, primarily focused on supporting the health of people in larger bodies through body positive and Health at Every Size programming. She aims to make her yoga classes body positive, trans-affirming, anti-racist and accessible to all.

Rachel (she/her) is the proud owner of flourish which she opened in January of 2013 after co-owning a studio in Saint Paul for 8 years. Rachel teaches movement as medicine for the body, and is passionate about working with clients of every fitness level. She has also enjoyed helping athletes improve their performance by balancing out the body. Whomever Rachel works with, she encourages clients to discover the power and grace of their own bodies and have a sense of humor about it all.

Website: Instagram: pilatista

Empower Fitness Collective is an online fitness community committed to inclusion and authenticity. Founded by Emily Stumpf (she/her), the Empower team consists of experienced instructors who lead classes in yoga, sculpt, barre, cycling, and high-intensity interval training. Emily, Anne, Cassidy, Helayna, and Laura (all she/her) lead Empower’s videos on Move & Thrive.


Instagram: @empowerfitnessco

Our Founders

Katy Miller

Katy Miller (she/hers or they/them) is a board-certified pediatrician and adolescent medicine physician. She specializes in mental health, pediatric gender care, immigrant health, eating disorders, and adolescent primary care. With Sarah and Laura, they launched a project to create movement and fitness resources that prioritize feeling good in your body. She hopes that every teenager can find ways to move their body in a way that feels joyful.

Sarah Espinoza

Sarah Espinoza (she/hers), PhD, is a researcher who studies physical activity in the lives of young people. She believes that everyone deserves opportunities to engage in fun, safe physical activity, and that physical activity should support who we are–not tear us down. Sarah brings these beliefs to Move & Thrive and to her own physical activity habits: she enjoys using Move & Thrive videos, playing frisbee, rock climbing, and walking her dogs.

Laura Hooper

Laura Hooper (she/hers) is a PhD student studying public health nutrition and adolescent health at the University of Minnesota. She has over 10 years experience as a dietitian at Seattle Children’s Hospital in both weight management care and eating disorder care. Many of the young people she worked with were motivated to become more physically active, but encountered too many obstacles. Laura found herself wanting to refer patients to online fitness resources, but she noticed that everything online seemed to promote body dissatisfaction or disordered eating. She could not be more thrilled when she met Katy Miller and Sarah Espinoza, and the journey to create Move & Thrive began.

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