Meditations / Meditaciones

Videos less than 10 minutes long with stretches, meditations, and grounding skills. Options in both English and Spanish.

Meditations / Meditaciones

Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Silvio

Silvio leads a meditation that helps relax all the muscles in your body – great to do before bed or when you’re feeling tension.

Body Gratitude Meditation with Katy

A short meditation thanking our bodies for all that they do for us – while acknowledging that bodies are complicated and this isn’t always an easy task!

Five Senses Grounding Exercise with Silvio

Have you heard of grounding exercises? Grounding exercises are short activities you can do to help bring your mind back to the present moment. For example, if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, grounding exercises help you focus on what’s going on around you as a strategy to calm your mind and body. Silvio leads us through a common grounding exercise,

Introduction to Meditation with Katy

A short video describing basics of meditation – great for anyone who wants to give this relaxation and mindfulness technique a try!

Rainbow Grounding Exercise with Silvio

Silvio leads a second ground exercise, this one focusing on the colors of the rainbow to help guide you back to the present moment and a calm mind and body.

Mindfulness Meditation with Silvio

Diaphragmatic Breathing with Katy

Did you know deep breathing – specifically, diaphragmatic breathing – calms down your nervous system? Learn how to do this cool trick here!

Meditaciones con Silvio – Español

Meditación Breve con Silvio

Relajación Muscular Progresiva

Ejercicio del Arcoíris

Los Cinco Sentidos

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