Vigorous Movement

Get your heart rate up and sweat off some stress with a collection of dance, aerobics, and interval training resources.

Full Body Strength Workout with Ce’Nedra and Joe

A 20-minute full body strength workout with stretching that you can do anywhere! Includes squats, lunges, push-up rotations, planks, a core exercise, and lots of stretching. Modifications offered, so this video works well for a variety of energy levels.

corefull bodystretching

Latin Dance with Cathy

Cathy leads a 30 minute Latin dance workout. Get your heart rate up with salsa and merengue for beginners! This is a challenging video with continuous movement and dancing from start to finish. All of the movement is standing up, dancing, and some stretches towards the end. You can always pause, take a break, and drink some water between songs!


Warm Up with Sam

Start your workout with a 5 minute warm-up led by Sam!


Cardio Workout with Ce’Nedra and Joe

This 20-minute cardio interval workout includes stretching and a variety of cardio exercises like skipping, tapping, and jumping. The modifications offered in this video make it work well for a variety of energy levels.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Anne

A fun, customizable, full-body workout. Anne leads a 35 minute, high-intensity interval workout. There is a mix of time spent in challenging exercises and time for rest. Anne offers lots of modifications and options so you can do this HIIT class your way! No equipment needed.

full bodyHIIT

Barre with Cassidy

A 35-minute barre class with Cassidy. Barre combines moves from ballet, yoga, and strength and flexibility training to use your arms, legs, and core. For this workout, you’ll need a wall, chair, or other piece of furniture you can use to balance. Weights are totally optional. Make sure to pause the video and take breaks as needed. Whether you are new to barre or highly experienced, this class is a challenge! No worries, though: Cassidy leads you through the class as an encouraging friend.

barrecorefull bodyweights

Cool Down with Sam

End your workout with a gentle cool down to help relax your muscles, led by Sam.

cool downstretching

Core Strength with Emily

Emily from EMPOWER Fitness Collective leads a gentle and modifiable 20 minute core strength series. This is a great workout to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. A strong core prevents back pain and injuries, and can help you move around with ease!


Lower Body Strength with Helena

Helena leads a 15-minute lower body strength workout. This is a great activity for anyone who wants to build strength in their legs and glutes!

lower body
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