About Us

Our mission: provide mind-body resources that are adolescent friendly, fun, youth and community driven, and with diverse representation. 

Our History

We started this project when our founders – a pediatrician, a kinesiologist (exercise scientist), and dietitian – were frustrated by the available online fitness options for adolescents. We wanted a resource to share with our patients that that didn’t endorse problematic fitness standards, diet talk, and body shaming.

We think movement feels good, and we know it helps with emotional and physical health. So we decided to make a website designed for teens and informed by teens to make mind-body resources that are fun, accessible, safe, and trauma-informed.

We have a pretty awesome Youth Advisory Board and Adult Community Advisory Board to make sure we include as many perspectives as possible.

Our Guiding Principles

Inclusivity – Our videos are for all teens in all body types and for multiple ability levels. We’re not there yet, but we hope to expand our videos for teens with physical disabilities in the future.

Youth and community focused – We value the input of our Advisory Boards and hire community members to make content that fits the needs of our local and online communities

Accessible – We are committed to including subtitles in all videos, and working to expand language options. We also make sure that movement videos have modifications for different abilities.

Diverse – We want our videos to reflect the diversity of the youth we work with and ourselves! While we do accept video donations from video creators who hold identities of privilege, we pay our video creators with underrepresented identities to make sure we are acknowledging and appropriately compensating them for their time and expertise.

Trauma-informed – Movement and meditation can bring up challenging feelings sometimes, especially for those with a history of trauma. We do our best to avoid this by offering short and accessible mindfulness options, and using a body neutral lens for all videos. We work with video creators who are committed to avoiding the use of diet talk, body shaming, or body checks in our videos.

Funding: We are grant-funded by the University of Minnesota through a Sustainable Develop Goals Rapid Response Grant through the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance (GPS Alliance).

Contact Us

Katy Miller, project lead

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